Naran Fantasy Wars Armies

Version 2018 - NOT official - of the armies of Naran.


This new version of the Sauryan army has been called Reptilian Men because the previous one, essentially dedicated to the Lizardmen, has been greatly expanded and now includes:

Volume 1


Salamander Men (SALAMANDYR)

Crocodile Men (KROKODYR)

Volume 2

Frog Men & Toad Men (BATRIAKYR)

Snake Men (NAGA e OPHIDYR)

Dragon Men (DRAKONTYR)

Other Creatures (Basilisk - Tortoise Dragon)

LIZARD MEN include the various species of this family, differentiated according to their size:

SCINKYR (Skink Men - the little ones) - LASERTYR (Lizard men properly so called) - KAMALEONYR (Chameleon Men - similar in size to the Lasertyr) - RAMARYR (Green Lizard men - larger then the Lasertyr and Kamaleonyr) - IGUANIDYR (Iguana men - the greatest of all).

Considering the greater number of pages in this army book than the other "normal", almost double, we decided to divide it into two Volumes, which also makes the consultation more convenient.


From the BENTBOX site or from the PATREON site you can get the book of the army of the Sauryan, the Reptile Men of Naran, the choice is yours.

Sauryan - Reptile Men of Naran

Sauryan update

Naran Team Project

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