A "Turin" proposal for a three-dimensional fantasy wargame.


Hi, we are SANDRO "the dark elf LORD DARTH SANDR" and SERGIO "the Dwarf Lord of the Bears BELG the OLD", the members of NARAN TEAM TURIN and we welcome you to our website.

Since the beginning of 2000 our team is engaged in the development of the three-dimensional war game Fantasy Warriors, beautiful wargame designed years ago by English Nick Lund for the American company of miniatures in scale 25-30 mm Grenadier .

A bit of history.

For various vicissitudes, the molds of the beautiful miniatures and the rules of the game were acquired in the mid-90s by Mr. Giovanni Ingellis, owner of the Milanese firm Stratelibri and of the chain of shops AVALON , which resumed printing the miniatures founding the subsidiary company NEMO MINIATURE and had the Rulebook translated into italian, reproposing in a new role this very beautiful game. Previously Mr. Ingellis already imported and distributed the American miniatures and the English version of the Rulebook. At the new version they collaborated Ivan and Riccardo of Avalon Turin shop.

With the immature death of Mr. Ingellis, due to a serious illness, which occurred at the end of 1999, unfortunately, the development of the game and its "background" (the World of Valdar) had a setback , and the first Companion of the armies of the World of Valdar , published after such a mournful event, dissatisfied - at least here in Turin - almost all the players who met weekly at the club LIUT (Italian League Three-dimensional Universe) , and who had collaborated to test under the direction of Ivan the new "Armies Lists " (which, however, were not published in the Compendium, but replaced with other elaborated by the " Milanesi ") , so that the undersigned, for a long time period, they were the only two who at the LIUT Club continued to play Fantasy Warriors .

On Ivan's proposal, the " amateur" publication of a "Companion" alternative to the "official" one was then authorized by Nemo-Stratelibri and it was named Companion 1.05 , and the undersigned had the task by Ivan himself to write a new "background" : that's how our "World of Naran came to life ". At our suggestion the army of the Argonauts (ancient Achaeans and Greeks) and of the Lemurs (ancient Egyptians) were inserted by Ivan. The tables contained in this new "Companion 1.05" were very well balanced, but they had the defect of not being aligned with those of the Basic Rulebook (the original ones of Nick Lund) , which continued to be sold by Nemo with the "base box" of the game, and also there were not the armies of the Orcs and Elves.

At the same time, by Riccardo, who became President of the club "Unicorno Alato" ("Winged Unicorn") and no longer an employee of Avalon, another Fantasy Warriors Companion was produced, based on the army lists he previously developed for Nemo-Stratelibri, but not used for the "official" Companion. Even these army lists seemed to be well balanced, but in our opinion they maintained the same approach as those of the so-called "official" Companion, so based exclusively on units with special characteristics and names, with profiles closely related to predefined, well-identified miniatures, while in the Army List of the official ex Grenadier Rulebook there were no such constraints, as there were generic units, for which any type and brand of miniature it could be used.

At about the same time, the undersigned were in possession of a copy of the "Fantasy Warriors Companion by Nick Lund" (original English version), in which they found - in addition to the complete series of basic armies lists - also many new, beautiful, fun additional rules, including those for the Undead ( "Necromanti" ), as well as the rules and profiles for the Mercenaries, the Dragons, the Giants and other creatures, that the "Milanesi" , Ivan and Riccardo had failed to insert into their respective Companion .

We therefore found ourselves with more "Companion" than gamers - in our clubs LIUT and Winged Unicorn) , here in Turin! We started playing with Nick Lund's Companion and we loved it. Then we had the idea to create a new - unique - Compendium: as the only one Ring : only one Compendium that would bring them all together!

Assuming initially the name of "Nick Lund's Fans Team", to honor the brilliant creator of the game, we started a long and tiring but satisfying work of synthesis and revision, using the best that was in the Companions by Ivan, Riccardo and Nick, in the Tournament Rules prepared by Stratelibri and in the Basic Rulebook ( which continued to be sold with the base box of the game). We have introduced only some variations to the rules to prevent the games of Fantasy Warriors , rather than field battles, to be transformed into "hunts to the Warchief" by a few Individuals almost immortal or with Terrible Creatures or the Wizard-laser-cannon, as in fact we happened to see in the matches of the tournaments organized by Avalon and Stratelibri-Nemo with the Companion and the Tournament Rules " official ". As for the profiles of the various Units and Individuals we have normally maintained those developed by Nick Lund, with only some variations suggested by the tables prepared by Riccardo, in particular regarding the Cavalry Units, made more "playable" , for ALL the armies.

In addition to the armies lists of the Rulebook (or of the FW Companion by Nick Lund), for each people of our World of Naran we have provided some special Units and Individuals. From the armies lists of Nick Lund (reviewed on the indications given to us by Riccardo) we then obtained that of the other armies for other exotic peoples who live on our "World of Naran" . Thus, for example, from the profiles of the Goblins we have elaborated those of the Lizardmen, because of this race were easily found the beautiful miniatures produced by another company (which had - and has - the seat in Nottingham, for this we identified it as "the Sheriff" of that ancient medieval city, and that's why we also assumed the nickname of "Sherwood's Archers"!). So we decided that it was appropriate to allow wargamers to play the Lizardmen army with the Fantasy Warriors rules. So we did the same for many other "races" based on the miniatures produced by many others companies that are not found in the Mirliton catalog (formerly Grenadier).

We also developed the rules for playing Siege games and also for a game with few miniatures moving with the "skirmish" method: Adventurers .

In 2004, through the Internet, we came into contact with a group of English wargamers who ran a forum dedicated to FANTASY WARRIORS: the FROTHERS U.K., with whom we had a long and fruitful relationship of cordial friendship. Besides, we also got in touch with Doug Cowie, a former executive of the English Grenadier, who managed - and still does - a mailing list dedicated to Fantasy Warriors, to which we have registered. Through this mailing list we even came into contact with our "guru" Nick Lund, who answered some questions we had asked him.

Also in 2004, we were informed that the companies Stratelibri and Nemo were put into liquidation, and that the rights to the FANTASY WARRIORS brand, and therefore also on the game, were acquired by the company MIRLITON of Tavernuzze (FLORENCE).

At the beginning of the month of June 2004, after a meeting with Mr. Stefano Grazzini, the owner of the company MIRLITON, we proceeded to revise the text of the Rulebook and of the "basic" armies lists (ie those of the armies for which the ex-Grenadier miniatures existed- ex Nemo of which Mr. Grazzini had recovered the molds) and we gave him a copy, so that he could use it to produce the new "official" version of the Rulebook, which was presented by this company at LUCCA COMICS 2004.

In the meantime, we have revised the points calculation table received from one of the English Frothers and completed it with the missing elements, so as to obtain a single computing system, with which we started the global revision of all the - at the time - over 50 armies of Naran. For every army we also wrote a complete background.

Having become known, also internationally thanks to contacts with the FROTHERS through their Forum, such as "those of NARAN" or also "the NARANIANS", we then decided to abandon the old "Nick Lund's Fans Team" name to adopt the new "NARAN TEAM TURIN"

We are not a club (nor do we intend to become one): we are an open group, to which everyone can join playing Fantasy Warriors with the game system "open" without obligations of "cards" or other. For any information you can contact us by e-mail at the address shown on this site.

* * *

The world of Naran.

By re-using and re-elaborating the material produced by us at the time for Ivan for his Companion 1.05 , we have recreated a new "world", alternative to the again "official" ( "Valdar" of the Stratelibri ), which among other things was no longer managed and Mr. Grazzini was not interested in doing it.) where to set our battles fantasy.

The goal that was set in setting this scenario was to integrate the classic peoples of the fantasy , largely inspired by the Nordic and Celtic myths (Dwarves, Elves, Orcs , etc.) , with some ancient people, (with their myths and legends) of the Mediterranean and Central American areas: Romans, Egyptians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Persians, Aztecs , in a temporal setting that we could define fantasy-historical-mythological.

Since it is "fantasy" , we were inspired by the two pillars of this literary genre: J.J.R. Tolkien ( "Lord of the Rings" ) and Robert Howard ("Kull", "Conan the Cimmerian"), obviously without forgetting Ludovico Ariosto ( "Orlando Furioso" ), Torquato Tasso ( The Liberated Jerusalem " ), and the medieval epic that is found in the Irish legends, Welsh and Scots, many of which later merged into the "Knights of the Round Table" cycle.

In a fantasy world we could not miss the Armies of Darkness : Demons, Creatures of Chaos, Vampires and Undead.

* * *

The miniatures.

Our previous experience of wargamers derived from wargames set during the Napoleonic period, where the regulations do not mention the "producer" of the soldiers to be used, but only to the scale. On the other hand, when we started out in the world of three-dimensional games fantasy we were surprised to discover that some of the miniatures-making companies were also those that "supported" the game. It follows that the company that "supports" the game, then imposes that in the tournaments organized by it, only its miniatures should be used. Yes it is; then came to create the unnatural equality for us " game = brand of miniatures" .

We are not interested in participating in "official" tournaments, we play for fun. We believe that an Orc is an Orc and a Dwarf is a Dwarf and an Elf is an Elf, regardless of the "brand" , that is, from the company that produced the miniature. We like to collect the most beautiful miniatures that are on the market, it does not matter who has produced them!

We have therefore worked to arrive at a Rulebook and a large series of generalized armies lists that allow you to play Fantasy Warriors with any brand of miniatures, provided they are in the 25-28-30 mm scale.


Sherwood's Archers:

Sandro & Sergio