Naran Fantasy Wars Armies

Version 2018 - NOT official - of the armies of Naran.




Missiles Trops





Ars Arcana


1. Barbarians of the plains Clans

2. Cimmerians

3. Wulfingar

4. Vikings

- 4.1. Infantry

- 4.2. Missiles Trops

- 4.3 Cavalry

- 4.4. Individuals

- Special Individuals, Units and Creatures

1. King Gylfi and Queen Geyfun

2. Beowulf

- Einherjan

- Jomsvikings

- Beasts of Odin

- 5. Valchiries

- 6. Heroes of Valhalla:

- 1. Anciente Legendary Sovereigns

- 2. Siegfried, son of Odin, dragons killer

- 3. Alrek e Erik

- 4. Frodhi

- 5. Heimdalsen, son of Heimdall

- 6. Hermondhr

- 7. Magni and Modhi, sons of Thor

- 8. Thrudhr, daughter of Thor

- 9. Ullr, the Archer Champion, son of Thor

- 10. Starkadh, son of Odin

- 11. Valha, the Sorceress-Elairvoyaut of Valhalla

6. Ars Arcana ─ Naran Section

* * *


The Barbarians army belongs to the 12 books of the original ex-Grenadier armies; in the "Naran" version these books, plus the 13th (Mercenaries), are formed by two Sections:

  1. the "Base" Section: tables of the Grenadier army, with the correct values and costs to adapt them to the "Naran" - system - free download from the Naran website; for the profiles contained in this Section the Grenadier had at the time produced special miniatures which have now been put on sale by Mirliton.
  2. the "Naran" Section, in which there are expansions to this army created by the Naran Team, based in most cases on miniatures produced by other companies.

In this new edition, the previous book of the army of the Barbarians has been integrated with the book of the army of Asgard, which included the Vikings, the Valkyries and the Heroes of Valhalla. Now these components are part of the "Special" Section of the Barbarians of Naran. The Barbarians of the Plains Clans, the Cimmerians and the Wulfingar have also been inserted into it.

You can download the "Basic" Section of the Barbarians army for free.

BARBARIANS - basic army

From the BENTBOX site or from the PATREON site you can get the "NARAN" Section of this army, the choice is yours.

BARBARIANS & VIKINGS - Naran 2018 army expansion

Naran Team Project

If you have problems using BentBox or Patreon, you can contact us to obtain the game material we have created that you are interested in, by sending an email to:

indicating in it which books of the armies you wish to have and writing in the object: Naran Fantasy Wars .