In doing the 2018 revision of all the Naran armies, we had decided to please all those who had asked us for the English version in the past, so we started doing the English version of the following revised armies, which you can find in the index:

Barbarians & Vikings


Hellenes & Heroes of Parnassus

Imperial Legions of Rome

Sauryan (Reptile Men)

After making the revised 2018 version of the above armies available in English version, as well as the Compendium of Rules of the Naran version of the wargame (page "RULES"), we expected that the foreign Wargamers would show a "concrete" interest in our work. Unfortunately we must note that this was not the case.

Because the work of translation (exacting and tiring) makes us delay the revision of the books of Naran Armies "in Italian version", for the moment the production of the English version has been suspended. It will resume as soon as we have the demonstration that it meets a real and concrete interest on the part of non-Italian speaking Wargamers.


From the BENTBOX or PATREON site you can get the books of the Rules and Armies of Naran Fantasy Wars, the choice is yours.

Naran Team

Naran Team Collections

Naran Team Project

If any non-Italian speaking Wargamer had trouble using BentBox or Patreon, he can contact us to obtain the game material we have created that he may be interested in, by sending an email to:


indicating what he needs and writing in the object: Naran Fantasy Wars .